FBC Prestonsburg
Friday, June 24, 2022
Irene Cole Memorial

FBC Prestonsburg



     At FBC Prestonsburg we want to know, love and serve one another in a world that is becoming increasingly more impersonal. We believe that small group Bible study classes are the best way to support one another on our Christian journey and to introduce non-believers to the truth of Jesus Christ. Our Sunday School starts at 9:45 AM and has a class for everyone (classes and room numbers are listed below). A continental breakfast is available each Sunday morning from 9:00-9:30 in the Fellowship Hall. Come and join us as we work at being better disciples, learn from His Word and become equipped to apply that Word to our lives, work and homes throughout the week.
Sunday School Classes
                                    Class                                                               Room 
                                    2 & 3 Year Olds---------------------------------- 103
                                    4’s, 5’s & Kindergarten-------------------------101/102
                                    1st & 2nd Grades---------------------------------209
                                    3rd & 4th Grades---------------------------------208
                                    5th & 6th Grades---------------------------------207
                                    7th & 8th Grades---------------------------------202
                                    High School--------------------------------------203
                                    College & Careers-------------------------------201
                                    Adult II---------------------------------------=---211
                                    Adult III-------------------------------------------212
                                    Adult IV--------------------------------------------Fellowship Hall
                                    Women I-------------------------------------------213
                                    Fidelis (Women)----------------------------------210
Sunday School Director: Cara Hall
Sunday School Secretary: Judy Burchell